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Army Navy Game 2000
Baltimore Maryland

Go Navy Beat Army!

The Army Navy game is always a pleasure and an honor to attend. Filled with excitement and drama. The stands filled with past and future Armed Service personnel, which makes for a rivalry unparalleled, and a sight to behold. Pregame festivities included demonstrations by the Golden Knights (Army) and the Leap Frogs ( Navy Seals) doing hair raising parachute stunts. The above image are three Seal members, one is actually upside down, plummeting towards the stadium. To put it bluntly, these guys are nuts! ( but I'm sure glad they are on our side!)

 Navy beat Army!

At half time, the Naval Academy Midshipmen unfurled the largest American flag ever to be displayed.

Once the game was over, both squads of combatants met on the field and exchanged handshakes and each Academy sang their school's song. It was amazing that the two teams, at the beginning of the game were trying to tear each others head off, but in the end, each knew that they were kind of like on the same team. They had put their differences aside and congratulated each other on a game well played. A rarity in any sport played today.

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