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Hubble Space Telescope


Free Screensaver

 Since the deployment of the Space Telescope in 1990, it's images have changed the way we look at the universes that surround us.

 Every day, Hubble archives 3 to 5 gigabytes of data and delivers between 10 and 15 gigabytes to astronomers all over the world.

 It can make observations of the universe using visible, near-ultraviolet and near-infrared light spectra above the filtering effect of earth's atmosphere.

 Since seeing these images, it has renewed an old childhood hobby. Looking at the stars and planets through a telescope.

 Try the free screensaver that I have created using the incredible images from the HST along with a few of my own. This screensaver requires no fancy installation, just run the setup and your done. All images can be set as wallpaper too! It also comes with an uninstall option.

saturnaurora.jpg (213808 bytes)
Jupiter's Aurora

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M16.jpg (49187 bytes)
Eagle Nebula

neptunedarkspot.jpg (10528 bytes)
Neptune Storms