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United States Marine Corp

Have you ever heard the story about standing next to a Marine in his Dress Blues. No matter what you have on, there is no way or no how that you will look better than a Marine in Dress Blues. This is fact. Not fiction, for I learned this first hand.
Toby is going on his fourth year now, and just last April he received a meritorious promotion to Corporal. He was also bestowed the title of Honor Man from his recent training class of The 1/2.

Toby we are extremely proud of your achievements!

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dogpile.jpg (22647 bytes) Here is a picture of the boys blowing off a little steam on Paradise Island. Unfortunately Toby ended up on the bottom. I guess this is the guys trying to get back at their squad leader.

Would this be called a bulldog pile??!


Semper Fidelis